Takeuchi International

Takeuchi international

Takeuchi Mfg Co Ltd is a leading construction equipment manufacturer based in Nagano Japan.

Takeuchi Mfg Co Ltd has been listed since 2002 on the JASDAQ, Tokyo Stock Exchange.
In March 2015 Takeuchi Mfg Co., Ltd announced a move into the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, listed alongside many of the largest Japanese companies.

Expanding as a global corporation Takeuchi Mfg Co., Ltd sells machines worldwide and has set a global standard for high quality compact excavators.

Takeuchi Mfg has 3 manufacturing factories in Japan and 4 international facilities: Takeuchi Mfg (US), Takeuchi Mfg (UK) Ltd,  Takeuchi France S.A.S. and Takeuchi Qingdao Mfg Co Ltd., China.

A globally responsible company Takeuchi Mfg is a specialist construction equipment manufacturer. Committed to a reputation for building tough machines that can withstand the harshest construction conditions, machines that will continue to work reliably for thousands of hours.





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