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The latest Takeuchi TB257FR combines the patented side-to-side (STS) offset boom with the near zero tail swing to give an unrivalled versatile excavator.

The FR is now available in 6 or 8 tonne weight class. FR are popular alternatives with excavator operators who appreciate the unique offset for certain groundworks jobs. The FR offset can parallel trench right up to walls and the short tail gets the machine access in tight spaces.

With an FR the floor mounted pedal allows you to position the STS offset boom anywhere across the front of the machine without any reduction in dig depth or ground reach. For operators, the STS offset boom moves into position, no more moving the whole machine for improved excavating angles, simply let the STS offset do all the work.

The TB257FR can rotate fully when the boom is stowed in the full upright position, the upper structure and cab only exceeds the track footprint by centimetres.

Weighing in at 6100kg with 39kW power output and 36kN of digging force the new TB257 offers powerful operating performance with a dig depth of 3895mm, dump height of 3890mm and ground reach as far as 6080mm.

With a unique design the TB257 is both powerful and compact with a roomy comfortable cab including full all-round LED lighting, lifting check valves, hydraulic hitch pipework and adjustable auxiliary flows from the cab and auto fuel pump as standard.  The new Takeuchi comes with maximum service access with an easy-lift tilt-up cab.


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