TB 1140 SERIES 2

TB1140 Excavator compact & powerful 

Takeuchi's TB1140 Series 2 is one of the most compact sized 15-tonne excavators available and is packed with new features.

With a track footprint of just 2490x3600mm the new TB1140 Series 2 offers unrivalled accessibility on built-up construction sites, providing massive powerful excavating in a very compact 14 tonne excavator.

15 TONNE operating capacity 

The largest Takeuchi excavator available the TB1140 offers a massive 98.7kN bucket breakout force, providing the power required for large excavating groundworks. 

Takeuchi's 15 tonne option has proved popular with the specialist ground engineering companies looking for a high specification machine, powerful breakout all in a compact size. The TB1140 Series 2 is compact enough to get access on every size of site and with the unique offset boom it works in the most limited spaces - no need to constantly reposition the tracks - let the offset boom do the work.
A very comfortable isolated cab -  minimises vibration and noise levels within the operators station for added comfort.

  • Dozer blade as standard for ground levelling 550mm
  • Steel tracks as standard 
  • Offset boom function for tight working areas
  • Cast steel counterweight wrap around for added protection
  • Operating weight 15,400kg complete with 24" bucket, hitch & fuel.
  • 5270mm dig depth
  • 77.0 kw engine
  • Two speed tracking
  • Massive breakout force 98.7kN

TB Mini Excavators

Weight / capacity

Machine Weight (kg) 15,400

Diesel Engine (Water-cooled)

Rated Output (kW)/RPM 77/2000
Maximum Torque (Nm) 385
Displacement (cc) 2999
Coolant Capacity (l) 18.5
Lub.Oil Capacity (l) 17
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 233

Overall Dimension 

Length mm (in transport) 7780
Width mm 2490
Height mm 2805
Rear Slew Radius mm 2000
Min Ground Clearance mm 440


Traction Speed (km/h) 2.8-5 
Tail Swing Radius (mm) 2000
Upper Slew Speed (rpm) 13.8
Gradeability (deg) 35°
Max Dig Power bucket (kN) 98.7
Max Dig Power Arm (kN) 64.9
Ground Press (kPa) 46.9

Dozer blade 

Width x Height mm 550x2490
Operating Range up/down mm 505/545

Off-set Dig Function

Type Boom Swing
Swing Angle RH/LH 53°/77°

Traction System 

Crawler (Track) mm Steel
Track Width ST 500

Operating Range

Max Dig Depth mm 5270
Max Vert Dig Depth mm 4410
Max Dump Height mm 6010
Max. Dig Height mm 8460
Max. Dig Radius mm
Max. Floor Dig Radius 8325
Min.Slew Radius mm 2360
Max. Bucket Offset RH/LH 910/625

Hydraulic System

Pump Type Variable(P1+P2)+Gear(P3+P4)
Set Press (Mpa) 34.3
Discharge (l/min) 106.6x2+51.9+20.5
Aux port (l/min) 112/224
Slew Motor  Piston
Traction Motor  Piston
Hydraulic Tank Capacity (l) 250




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