Reduced Tail-swing excavators

In every weight class from a Micro 1.8 to 8 tonnes Takeuchi have a reduced tail swing excavator option. 

Designed to meet the growing demand for a compact sized machine on-site, zero or short tail swing excavators offer massive benefits in restricted working areas. The upper cab structure only exceeds the machine track footprint by centimetres allowing operators to work, slew and rotate right up to walls or barriers without potential damage to the machine or buildings.

The FR full radius machines combine zero swing at both the front and rear with a unique offset boom. The offset provides far more flexibility than conventional machines - operators do not have to constantly re-position the machine - they simply re-position the offset boom anywhere across the front radius for an improved excavating position

The Takeuchi range of FR excavators are available in the following weight categories:  

  • 1.1 tonne (TB210R Micro)
  • 1.5 tonne (TB215R Canopy)
  • 2.4 & 2.6 tonne (TB23R Canopy & Cab)
  • 3.8 tonne (TB138FR)
  • 5.5 tonne (TB153FR) 
  • 8.4 tonne (TB180FR).  
Reduced Tail-swing   



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