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TFM Takeuchi Fleet Management

Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) is a remote Telematics monitoring tool that utilizes (English sp) machine data to better manage your fleet and keeps costs down with alerts on machine performance and health.

TFM remotely connects users to their Takeuchi equipment by providing alerts and machine information including location, utilization, performance, and maintenance data to give insights into where and how equipment is being operated.

Takeuchi is providing TFM free of charge during the initial warranty period. For continued Telematics support for your Takeuchi machines, customers can extend the TFM cover via the local Takeuchi dealership. TFM is installed on all Takeuchi machines above 4-tonnes, TFM is optional on machines under 4-tonnes.

Proactive Maintenance

Schedule maintenance based on run hours; save time, parts and money by avoiding unnecessary maintenance.

Remote Diagnostics

Reduce service trips by remotely capturing run hours and equipment data.

Utilization Tracking

Make decisions based on actual equipment use.


GeoZones to ring fence machinery and send alerts to notify location
(1sqm to worldwide scale).

Control Cost

Keep machine service costs to a minimum with fewer service call-outs via remote service diagnostics.