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Return of the Magnificent Seven Tonne Takeuchi

For many years Takeuchi’s old 7 tonne TB175 was a very popular machine on site and the arrival of a brand new 7 tonne Takeuchi is set to make an impact with plant hire and contactors. The new TB370 is packed full of features in a stylish roomy cab.

Weighing in at 7042kg with 42.4kW power output and 48.4kN of digging force the new TB370 offers powerful operating performance.

With a unique design the TB370 is both powerful and compact with a roomy comfortable cab with latest jog-dial controls and colour touch screen VDU. The TB370 comes complete with standard features including full all-round LED lighting, floating dozer blade, colour VDU, auto fuel pump, lifting check valves, hydraulic hitch pipework and adjustable auxiliary flows.  

Even the famous Takeuchi tilt-up cab is making a comeback, the unique and easy tilt-up can provides maximum service access.

With excellent operating parameters the TB370 really performs well on site. With a dig depth of 4085mm, dump height of 4545mm and ground reach as far as 6565mm. Operators get maximum performance in a large roomy comfortable cab. Available with a 2-piece boom

Takeuchi are now Stage V ready across the range up to 9 tonnes and with a model in virtually every weight class with short tail, hybrid, offset, mono and 2-piece booms there is a Takeuchi to suit every application.


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