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TAKEUCHI excavates worlds largest jackbox

Mini excavators can face challenging operating environments but the excavation involved working on the largest box jack installation on the new East Kent Access Road highlights just why Takeuchi FR machines with zero tail swing and offset boom provide some of the highest productivity in the most confined sites.

Using four of Takeuchi’s 4 tonne TB138FR excavators, specialist contractor Nigel McBurney made fast progress as 6 box jacks were installed with minimum disruption, excavating the chalk face. This was critical when just above runs one of the UKs busiest railway lines.

The size of the FR footprint was critical, no other machine had such working radius that fitted within each bay and such flexible offset boom for minimum machine repositioning. Having worked on box jack operations before Nigel knew that FR machines were perfect for the application

“With a narrow working envelope each face of the box provided quite a narrow surface that required parallel excavating right into each corner. Fast productivity is essential on this type of application and the smaller FR models range fitted perfectly.

Excavating 23m x 7m of chalk face, each jack box weighing 12,500 tonnes. As the box jack made progress ( average 100mm/hr) creating a 110m tunnel the FRs were tracked into position. McBurney’s operating team excavated in tandem to remove the chalk face in record time

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