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By November 28, 2023December 5th, 2023Latest News

Falco unveils the Greener, Cleaner, Quieter future for utilities maintenance 

Utilities contractor Falco has teamed up with Takeuchi UK Dealer, CBL, to trial the new TB20e fully-electric mini-excavator from Takeuchi. A demonstration at Falco’s premises in London saw the TB20e battery-powered compact excavator perform tasks alongside its diesel-powered equivalent (TB216) – watched by representatives from industry and Falco’s client base.  You can see the new electric excavator at the Executive Hire Show 2024. Register Here for a Free ticket

“Everyone present was impressed, the Takeuchi model is the first electric excavator we have seen that performs comparably with more traditionally-powered models, We estimate that replacing our current fleet with TB20e’s would directly remove over 150 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year and be a major step forward on our road to Net Zero.” said Falco’s Support Services Director, Alan Seyfi.

Falco currently uses over 120 mini-excavators to facilitate the maintenance and repairs of underground utilities assets for clients throughout the South of England including UK Power Networks and Thames Water.

As well as reducing or eliminating CO2 emissions the electric-powered excavator is a much cleaner alternative as it emits zero pollutants such as nitrous oxide (NOx) and particulates (PM2.5). Furthermore it is much less noisy than the its diesel equivalent – producing up to 13 decibels less noise during normal operation which is great news for nearby residents,  pedestrians as well as Falco’s machine operators. 

With an estimated 5000 mini-excavators operating on any given day in Greater London the transition to renewably-powered models could reduce annual carbon emissions by over 50,000 tonnes, NOx and PM2.5 by 75,000 and 6,000 tonnes respectively while significantly reducing noise pollution throughout the capital.

The new machines will now be extensively tested in-the-field by Falco’s operative teams over the next 2 years for usability, charging frequency and performance in all weather and ground conditions. Falco anticipate starting the replacement of their existing fleet with electric-powered models in 2027.    

Takeuchi UK expect the TB20e model to be widely available in the UK market from February 2024.

See more of the event in the video below