Suitable for 3.4 - 8.0  tonne excavators including Takeuchi TB240 /TB250 / TB153FR / TB260 / TB180FR 

Low noise sound suppressed breaker meets demands for quieter operating environments 

  • Lightweight breaking out, with excellent power to weight ratio
  • The breaker body consists of far fewer integral components
  • Easy attach pivot head
  • A solid all round cast steel protective body eliminates exposed areas
  • Heavy piston design  increased blow frequency and breakout performance 
Hydraulic Breakers Specification List

TKB302 -S Details

Model TKB302-S
Body weight 228kg
Operating weight (inc chisel bracket) 275kg
Length 911mm
Overall body length 1261mm
Operating oil pressure range 90-140 bar
Oil flow required 35-90 l/min
Impact blows per minute 600-1800bpm
Hose diameter/length 19 mm
Chisel diameter/length 72 mm
Types of chisel Moil point/straight/flat (x)(y)
Applicable Takeuchi models TB250
Carrier weight 3.4 - 8.0 tonnes

All dimensions unless otherwise stated are in millimetres



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