Suitable for 0.8 tonne micro excavators such as the Takeuchi TB210R

  • Lightweight breaking out, zero-one breakers are more durable, more serviceable and more easy to maintain than accumulator designed hydraulic breakers
  • Highest possible blow energy for maximum impact
  • Strong internal bracing structure sandwiches the front and rear heads firrmly and securely
Hydraulic Breakers Specification List

TKB52 Details

Model TKB-52
Body weight 53kg
Operating weight (inc chisel bracket) 70kg
Length 574mm
Overall body length 781mm
Operating oil pressure range 100-120 bar
Oil flow required 15-33 l/min
Impact blows per minute 1300-2500 bpm
Hose diameter 12mm
Chisel diameter/length 36mmx400mm
Types of chisel Moil point/straight/
Applicable Takeuchi models TB108
Carrier weight 0.8-1.8t



Product Ranges