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TB210R Compact Excavator | 1.1 Tonne

The TB210R Compact Excavator delivers excellent performance and provides an impressive feature set in a very compact design.  It features a retractable undercarriage, foldable ROPS, and minimal tail swing enabling the TB210R to work in the most confined applications.

Download the TB210R Brochure here 

Download the Full Takeuchi Range Brochure here

Product Details

Machine Features

Canopy (TOPS / ROPS)
Protective Counterweight with Site Reflectors
Fold-down ROPS Bar
Adjustable Seat
Pilot Operated Joystick Controls with Cushioned wrist Supports
Pivot and Swing-out Control Arms 
Fold-Away Foot Travel Pedals
Fold-Away Foot Controlled Offset
Warning Lights for Charge Level, Engine Oil Pressure, and Coolant Temperature
Visual Indicators for High Speed Travel
12 volt System with 40 Amp Alternator
Power Socket - 12V
Boom Mounted Work Light
Travel Alarm / Horn
TSS (Takeuchi Security System Immobilizer) 
TFM (Takeuchi Fleet Management) - Optional
Stage V <19kW engine - Low Emission
Engine Preheat Starting Aid
Automatic Fuel Bleed System
Dual Fuel Filtration with Water Trap
Dual Element Air Filters
Service Interval - 250 hours
Hydraulic Servo Pilot Controls with Pilot Accumulator
Independent Pilot Oil Supply Pump 
Tandem Gear Pumps
Top Mounted Boom Cylinder
Boom & Arm Internally Housed Piping
Auxiliary Hydraulic Plumbed to Arm with Isolation Valve
Selectable One-way and Two-way Auxiliary flow
Mechanical Detent for Continuous Auxiliary Flow ( Pedal Lock)
Hydraulic Tank with Fluid Level Sight Gauge
Expanding Track Frame 750-1020mm
Low and High Speed Travel
Mechanical Locking Slew Brake
Double Flanged Track Rollers
Adjustable Dozer Blade with Quick-drop Pin-lock width Extension


Rated Output (kW)/RPM8.8/2200
Maximum Torque (Nm)36
Displacement (cc)719
Electrical System12volts 40amp 
Operating Weight inclusive of bucket and fuel (kg)1180
Overall Length for transport (mm)2955
Width (mm)750 - 1020
Height (mm)2190
Dozer Blade (W x H) (mm)750 (1020) X 200
Ground Clearance (mm)160
Min Front Radius of Machine (mm)1320
Slew Radius (mm)610
Main System Pressure (bar)182
1st Aux Max Flow (l/min)22
1st Aux Max Pressure (bar)182
2nd Aux Max Flow (l/min)N/A
2nd Aux Flow Pressure (bar)N/A
Standard Aux 1st 
Optional Aux N/A
3rd Aux N/A
Slew Speed (rpm)10
Slew MotorTrachoid Gear
Slew BrakeBrake Valve
Traction Motor Piston
Traction DriveEpicyclic Gearing
Traction BrakeDisc
Track Width (mm)180
Ground Contact Length (mm)1005
Ground Pressure (kpa)28
Maximum Gradeability15°
Hydraulic System (l)15
Fuel Tank (l)12
Engine Lubrication (l)2.8
Cooling System (l)4
Noise Level Sound Power Level (LwA)91 dB
Vibration Hand Arm / Body m/sec²≤2.5 / ≤0.5
Hydraulic BreakerTKB52
HitchHydraulic Quick Hitch.

Operating Dimensions

Max Digging Depth (mm)1755
Max Dump Height (mm)2120
Max Reach at Ground Level (mm)3220
Max Vertical Digging Depth (mm)1475
Max Bucket Digging Force (kN)11.2
Max Arm Digging Force (kN)6.4
Travel Speed (km/h)2.0 / 3.7
Operating Weight inclusive of bucket and fuel (kg)1180
Overall Length for transport (mm)2955
Width (mm)750 - 1020
Height (mm)2190
Dozer Blade (W x H) (mm)750 (1020) X 200
Ground Clearance (mm)160
Min radius attach (mm)1320
Min Radius at Max offset Left (mm)1219
Min Radius at max offset right (mm)1165
Boom Swing Angle (R/L)55°/ 55°

Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM)

TFM is installed on all Takeuchi machines above 4-tonnes, TFM is optional on machines under 4-tonnes.

TFM is a remote Telematics monitoring tool that utilises machine data to better manage your fleet, and to keep costs down by being alerted to machine performance and health.

TFM remotely connects users to their Takeuchi equipment by providing alerts and machine information including location, utilisation, performance, and maintenance data to give insights into where and how equipment is being operated.

Takeuchi provides TFM free of charge during the initial warranty period. For continued Telematics support for your Takeuchi machines, customers can extend the TFM cover via the local Takeuchi dealership.

Download TFM UK Brochure (PDF)

TSS - Takeuchi Security System

Takeuchi security system as standard.

  • Only programmed keys for start-up
  • Un-programmed keys alert operator via VDU and alarm
  • Includes 1 red master and 3 black user keys (programme up to 13 user keys)

Trust in Takeuchi for…

Micro Muscle
The TB210R Micro is our smallest excavator and has a 3 cylinder engine and full pilot controls for digging functions.

Extendable Track  Frame
Allows this machine to travel through standard doorways and areas with limited access (750-1020mm).

Short Tail Swing
The micro offers near zero tail swing with extended track position to operate in confined spaces.

Attachment Ready
Features two way auxiliary hydraulics with isolation shut-off valves. Well protected and internally routed piping.

Two Speed Travel
Features a convenient push button on the right travel lever to shift from low to high speed.

Compact On Site
The narrow width gets maximum access on site. Folding ROPS bar for reduced height access. Compact for trailer towing and storing.

Top Mount Boom Cylinder Helps protect the boom cylinder from bucket and debris. Improved dig depth and visibility

Wrap Around Counterweight Protects key engine and hydraulic components from damage while delivering excellent stability.

Double Flange Track Rollers Provide greater contact between the roller and rail for improved track retention and smoother travel.

Protected Hydraulic Piping
All hoses routed via the boom and arm for an extra level of protection, and greater visibility of the work equipment.

Dozer Blade Extension
Quick change adjustable dozer blade to match expanded track width. With spiral wrapped pipework to protect the blade cylinder hydraulic lines from ground level damage.

All Steel Construction
Protects components and ensures long term durability. Includes mechanical slew lock for added safety.

Operator’s Station
Delivers excellent visibility and operator comfort in a compact micro excavator. Boom mounted work lights assist in low light conditions.

Smooth Pilot Controls
Joystick controls have an independent oil supply to deliver precise responsive controls, helps reduce operator fatigue.

Supporting Wrist Rests
For improved comfort when operating continuously to minimize fatigue. Incorporating an onboard power socket.

Dual Entry Points
Swing out control arms make it easier for the operator to enter or exit the machine from either side.

Value Added Features
Include fold-away pedal for breaker and offset, with detent functionality.

Convenient Grab Handle
Makes for  easy entry / exit from both left and right side and provides travel lever protection

Side Access Panel
Houses dual element air cleaner, fuel filter with shut-off, hydraulic filter, and fuel tank with sight gauge with self-bleed for easy restart if the micro runs out of fuel.

Unmatched Serviceability
All key service points are lockable and can be inspected quickly and easily. Grouped and centralised cluster filter points for short service downtime.

Rear Service Access
Allows the operator to easily inspect the hydraulic oil, coolant level, battery, electrical components and fuses.

Front Compartment
Wide access to the alternator, starter motor and fan belt, as well as engine oil filter and engine oil dipstick for quick daily operator checks.

Maximum On-site Safety
12V easy access power socket for ancillary equipment, beacons etc.

Strong Track Frame
Maintenance free double flange sealed bearing rollers. Easy adjust grease filled track tensioning expanders improve track retention.