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TB290-2 Compact Excavator | 9 Tonne

The TB290-2 Compact Excavator is a world beating 9 tonne excavator with a wide array of features that maximize efficiency and productivity, a proven powerful excavator designed for major groundworks and earthmoving.
Mono or 2-piece the new 9-tonne excavator offers a versatile excavating performance with excellent breakout force of 59.1 kN.

Product Details


Cab (ROPS / OPG)
Large Wraparound Counterweight
Large Interactive Multi-Information Colour Display
Wide-Angle Colour Rear-View Camera with Auto-reverse Activation Display
Fully Adjustable Deluxe Heated HighBack Air Suspension Seat
Adjustable Arm Rests and Heated Drinks Holder
Air Con with Climate Control System
Skylight with Sunshade/ Rain Guard
In Cab MW / FM / MP3 Radio/ USB / Bluetooth / Aux-in / Stereo Speakers
2x In-Cab Power Sockets 12V/USB
Gas Lift-Assist Front Window, Easy Remove and Stow-Away Lower Glass Panel
Blind-side 50-50 Sliding Window
Cab Mirror - 5 Blindspot Mirrors
Multi Vent Heater / De-mister
Large Fully Supporting Foot Travel Pedals
Foot Rests & Foot Controlled Offset
Roof Guard - Optional
Sealed Rocker Switches
Emergency Engine Shut-down Switch
Front of Cab External Power Socket - 12V
Switched Roof Beacon Power Socket - 12V
LED Workzone Lighting with Site Safety Marker Lighting Side/Rear
Travel Alarm
Electrical Refuelling Pump - Extendable Length
TSS (Takeuchi Security System Immobilizer) 
TFM (Takeuchi Fleet Management)
Stage V Ready - DPF - Low Emissions
DOC+DPF Exhaust After Treatment
High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection
Automatic Fuel Bleed System
Dual Fuel Filtration with Water Trap Sensor
Dual Element Air Filter
High Capacity Radiator
Automatic Idle
High Capacity Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Working Modes: Standard, ECO and High Altitude
Service Interval - 250 hours
Hydraulic Pilot Controls with Dual Pilot Accumulators
Cushioned Dual Boom Cylinder, Cushioned Arm and Swing Cylinders
Dual Boom Protection Guards
Dual Boom and Single Arm Holding Check Valves
Lift Overload Alarm
Automatic Slew Brake
Auxiliary Flow Adjustable from In-Cab VDU
Multiple Attachment Presets / Password Protected Aux Settings
Proportional Auxiliary Controls with Detent
Auxiliary Hydraulics with Independent Isolation Valves
Aux Ports: 1st + 2nd Aux, 3rd Hardlock for Hitch, 4th Aux Optional
1/2-Way Flow Selector Valve
High Capacity Hydraulic Tank with Fluid Level Sight Gauge
High Capacity Hydraulic Oil Cooler
2-Piece Boom - Optional
Heavy Duty Dozer Blade with Float
Automatic Load Sensing 2 Speed Travel
Heavy Duty Dozer Cylinder Protection Guard
Ground Level Hydraulic Hoses with Steel Spiral Wrap Protection
Maintenance-free Sealed Bearing Triple Flanged Track Rollers
Automatic Hydraulic Track Tensioning System
Tie Down Anchor Points - Carriage, Frame and Blade
Steel Tracks - Optional


Rated Output (kW)/RPM51.6/2000
Maximum Torque (Nm)308
Displacement (cc)3318
Electrical System12volt / 90amp
Mono Boom Machine weight - incl. bucket, hitch and full fuel (kg)8572
2 Piece Boom Machine weight (kg) 8715
Length (Transporting) (mm)6660 (6735)
Width (mm)2300
Height (mm)2550
Ground Clearance (mm)370
Dozer Blade (W x H) (mm)2300 x 500
Min Front Offset Swing (mm)2495
Tail Swing (mm)1685
Main System Pressure (bar)275
Pump TypeVariable x 2 + Gear x 2
1st Aux Max Flow (l/min)100
1st Aux Max Pressure (bar)210
2nd Aux Max Flow60
2nd Aux Flow Pressure210
Standard Aux1st 2nd & 3rd
Optional Aux 4th
3rd Aux Used for Hitch
Slew Speed (rpm)10.3
Slew MotorConstant Volume Piston Motor
Slew BrakeWet Friction Plate
Traction MotorAxial Piston
Traction DrivePlanetary
Traction BrakeDisc
Track Width (mm)450
Ground Contact Length (mm)2210 / 2180
Ground Pressure (kpa)37.6 mono / 39. 2-piece
Maximum Gradeability35
Hydraulic System (l)140
Fuel Tank (l)128
Engine Lubrication (l)10.2
Cooling System (l)14
Noise Level Sound Power Level (LwA) 99 dB
Vibration Hand Arm / Body  m/sec²≤2.5 / ≤0.5
Hydraulic Breaker TKB402-S,
HitchHydraulic Quick Hitch.

Operating Dimensions

Max Digging Depth (mm)4580
Max Dump Height (mm)5260 (6120)
Max Reach at Ground Level (mm)7290
Max Vertical Digging Depth (mm)3820
Max Bucket Digging Force (kN)59.1
Max Arm Digging Force (kN)36.3
Travel Speed (km/h)2.6-5
Mono Boom Machine weight (kg)8400
2 Piece Boom Machine weight (kg) 8715
Length (Transporting) (mm)6660 (6735)
Width (mm)2300
Height (mm)2550
Ground Clearance (mm)370
Dozer Blade (W x H) (mm)2300 x 500
Min Front Offset Swing (mm)2495
Tail Swing (mm)1650
Boom Swing Angle (L/R)70°/60°

Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM)

TFM is installed on all Takeuchi machines above 4-tonnes, TFM is optional on machines under 4-tonnes.

TFM is a remote Telematics monitoring tool that utilises machine data to better manage your fleet, and to keep costs down by being alerted to machine performance and health.

TFM remotely connects users to their Takeuchi equipment by providing alerts and machine information including location, utilisation, performance, and maintenance data to give insights into where and how equipment is being operated.

Takeuchi is providing TFM free of charge during the initial warranty period. For continued Telematics support for your Takeuchi machines, customers can extend the TFM cover via the local Takeuchi dealership.

Download TFM UK Brochure (PDF)

Takeuchi Security System (TSS)

Takeuchi security system as standard.

  • Only programmed keys for start-up
  • Un-programmed keys alert operator via VDU and alarm
  • Includes 1 red master and 3 black user keys (programme up to 13 user keys)

Trust in Takeuchi for…

Optimised Design
The rounded design features a contemporary look. The compact tail delivers excellent stability, only 1650mm tail swing radius with a 540mm overhang at 90° to track.
Available with mono or 2-piece boom.

Stage V Ready
4-cylinder turbo charged engine with DPF meets low emission regulations.
Pick Your Mode – selectable Eco and High-Altitude modes to best suit the application.

Smooth Operation
The New Kawasaki hydraulic system offers improved power, cycle times and efficiency. Its enhanced pump output delivers a smoother effortless performance with multiple simultaneous operations.

Auxiliary Hydraulics
1,2,3 Aux Standard, 3rd Aux Pre-piped with Hitch Pipework, 4th Aux Optional. Proportional control on both 1st and 2nd circuits.

Safe Site Operating
Twin Boom and arm holding check valves along with a crane switch and audible  lift overload alarm.
LED workzone lighting, travel alarm and auto activating wide-angle rear-view camera are featured as standard.

Automatic Step-Down Travel Motors
Provide torque on demand when pushing, climbing, or turning in high speed mode.
Dialled In electronic throttle control makes it easy to set the throttle to the desired position for operation

All Steel Construction
Protects components and ensures long term durability. Cushioning on the boom, arm and swing cylinders improves component longevity and operator comfort.

Heavy Duty Blade with Float
Strong, purpose built robust undercarriage and dozing blade, with switched blade float functionality. Ground level steel braided protected hoses robust for tough terrain.

Wrap Around Counterweight
Protects key engine and hydraulic components from damage while delivering excellent stability. 

Triple Flange Track Rollers
Provide increased roller to rail contact improving track retention for smoother travel.

Shut-off Valves
1st and 2nd auxiliary isolation valves combined with an accumulator assisted hydraulic system, simplify attachment installation and limit the release of hydraulic oil.

Automatic Hydraulic Track Tensioning
Delivers precise track tension to maximise track longevity and limiting any track derails.

Spacious  Styled Interior
Ensures operator comfort and provides a functional work area with a large multi-information display, automatic climate control, and ergonomic function switches.


Interactive Multi-Informational Display
Easy to read in all lighting conditions, keeps the operator informed on the status of the machine.

All Day Comfort
All-round adjustable deluxe high back heated air suspension seat with retractable seat belt. MP3, Bluetooth and USB, socket heated cup holder and stereo radio.

Pilot Joystick Controls
Delivers precise responsive controls with minimum effort.
Stay in Your Seat Interactive VDU control of auxiliary flow settings.

Large Travel Pedals
Fully support the operator’s feet for greater comfort and control while traveling, raised off-floor to reduce any dirt build-up that can impede travel pedals. 

LED Lighting
4 forward facing wide-beam LED lamps on the roof and boom for enhanced visibility. Top Glass with Sunshade reduces glare and improves visibility of overhead obstacles when truck loading.

Maximum Access
270° wide service access via hinged panels, lockable for added on-site security. The quick drain oil and fuel reservoirs and 500 hour service intervals help reduce service times.

Heavy Duty Cooling System
Side by side radiator and hydraulic oil cooler features increased cooling capacity. Easy to inspect, clean and maintain.

Rear Engine Access
Convenient access for daily checks and routine maintenance; the central cluster of key service points delivers faster servicing and less downtime.

Hydraulic Access
Exceptional service access to the control valve, hydraulic lines and hydraulic tank.

Track Retention
Automatic hydraulic track tensioning expanders improve track retention.
Maintenance-free triple flange sealed bearing rollers.

Refuelling Pump
Easy access electric refuelling pump with auto shut-off as standard,  a remote gauge assists when refuelling and a self-bleed system for easy restart if out of fuel.