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TB320 Compact Excavator | 2 Tonne

Available in both canopy and cab configurations with up to four service ports, the TB320 features many advancements in performance and technology that make it an extremely versatile machine.

With proportional controls on 1st and 2nd auxiliary ports, operators get smooth control and maximum hydraulic flow (40 l/min on service port 1) to run a wide range of hydraulically driven attachments. Adaptable for a variety of hydraulic attachments including mulchers, flails, augers, post knockers and tilt-rotators.

The compact design and dimensions help make the TB320 easy to transport and an ideal platform for working on sites with very limited accessibility. The ability to retract the undercarriage on the TB320 down to 980mm plays a huge role in the accessibility of the TB320 and its ability to manoeuvre easily around tight spaces.  When the operator is ready to work, the undercarriage can be expanded to a width of 1370mm. 

Product Details


New 3-Series with automotive styled interior
Cab or Canopy (ROPS / TOPS / OPG)
Cast Iron Wrap Around Protective Counterweight
Internal valve (cab) for hot/cold temperature selection
Multi-Informational Display
Multi Adjustable Seat
Fixed Arm Rests
Drinks Holder (cab only)
Cab with Lift-assist Front Window with Easy Remove and Stow Lower Front Glass.
Cab Mirror - Internal Rear View
Sky light (cab only)
MW-FM/ MP3 Radio/ USB/Bluetooth (cab only)
Foot rests
Foot Controlled Offset Boom
Sealed Rocker Switches
Internal Power Socket 12V
External Roof Power Socket 12V (cab only)
Travel Alarm / Horn
Boom & Roof Working lights
TSS (Takeuchi Security System Immobiliser)
OPTIONAL – TFM (Takeuchi Fleet Management) Telematics
Yanmar 3TNV70 (EU Stage V) - Low Emission
Double Element Air Cleaner
Engine Preheat
Extended Life Coolant
Automatic Fuel Bleed System
Dual Fuel Filtration with Water Trap
Easy Access Centrally Located Service Check Points
Service Interval - 250 hours
Pilot Operated Joystick Controls
Variable Displacement Piston Pumps
Cushioned Boom and Swing Cylinders
Top Mount Boom Cylinder
Automatic Slew Brake
Well Protected Internally Routed Hydraulic Hoses
Easy Access 1/2-Way Flow Selector Valve at Front of Machine
Steel Hydraulic Tank with Fluid Level Sight Gauge
High breakout force to deliver greater power and productivity on site
Proportional controlled aux 1 & 2
Hydraulically Retractable Track Frame 980-1370mm
Load Sensing Two Speed Travel with Automatic Shift
Triple Flanged Track Rollers
Easy Tension Grease filled Track Adjusters
Adjustable width dozer blade with swing and pin extensions


Rated Output (kW)/RPM12.00 / 2500
Maximum Torque (Nm)52.7
Displacement (cc)854
Electrical System12 V 45 amp
Operating Weight inclusive of bucket and fuel: Cabin / Canopy (kg)2060 / 1930
Width (mm) Cabin / Canopy 1050 / 985 - 1370
Width (mm) EXTENDED TRACKS 1370
Length (transport) (mm) 3910
Height (mm) Cabin / Canopy 2375 / 2300
Ground Clearance (mm)205
Front Swing Radius (mm)1155
Tail Swing Radius (mm)1110
Set Pressure (bar)210
Pump TypeVariable x 2 + Gear x 2
1st Aux Max Flow (l/min)40
1st Aux Max Pressure (bar)180
2nd Aux Max Flow (l/min)11.3
2nd Aux Max Pressure (bar)180
3rd Aux Max Flow (l/min)
3rd Pre-piped release pressure (bar)180
4th Aux Max Flow (l/min) OPTIONAL11.3
4th Aux Max Pressure (bar) OPTIONAL 180
TKB72 Breaker (working weight kg)
TKB72-S Breaker (working weight kg)
Noise Level Sound Power Level (LwA) 93 dB
Vibration Hand Arm / Body  m/sec²≤2.5 / ≤0.5

Operating Dimensions

Max Digging Depth (mm)2370
Max Dump Height (mm)2725
Max Reach at Ground Level (mm)4035
Max Vertical Digging Depth (mm)2040
Max Bucket Digging Force (kN)17
Max Arm Digging Force (kN)9.1
Travel Speed (km/h)2.4 /4.5
Operating Weight inclusive of bucket and fuel: Cab/Canopy (kg)2060 / 1930
Overall Length (mm)3910
Width with ext tracks cab/canopy (mm)1050 / 985 - 1370
Height Cab/Canopy (mm)2375 / 2300
Ground Clearance (mm)205
Dozer Blade (W x H) (mm)980 - 1370 x 300
Min Front Swing Radius (mm)1155
Tail Swing Radius (mm)1110
Boom Swing Angle (L/R)78°/49°

Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM)

TFM is installed on all Takeuchi machines above 4-tonnes, TFM is optional on machines under 4-tonnes.

TFM is a remote Telematics monitoring tool that utilises machine data to better manage your fleet, and to keep costs down by being alerted to machine performance and health.

TFM remotely connects users to their Takeuchi equipment by providing alerts and machine information including location, utilisation, performance, and maintenance data to give insights into where and how equipment is being operated.

Takeuchi is providing TFM free of charge during the initial warranty period. For continued Telematics support for your Takeuchi machines, customers can extend the TFM cover via the local Takeuchi dealership.

Download TFM UK Brochure (PDF)

Trust in Takeuchi for…

Efficient Design
The TB320 features conventional tail swing design which optimizes performance in digging, loading and lifting applications. The TB320 can be easily transported on a small trailer.


Best in Class Flow Rate
With excellent 40l/min flow rate this new 2-tonne is adaptable for a variety of power hungry hydraulic attachments.

Up to 4 Service Ports with Proportional Controls
Adaptable for a variety of hydraulic attachments including mulchers, flails, augers, post knockers and tilt-rotators.

Powerful Excavator
Maximum engine power and breakout force deliver power performance on demand.

Auto 2 Speed Travel
Automatic two-speed travel shifts to high torque/low speed travel when turning, pushing, or ascending a hill or slope while shifting back to low torque/high speed when the load becomes lighter automatically.

Retractable Undercarriage
The TB320 track frame adjusts from 980 mm to 1370 mm allowing the machine to travel through limited access areas.

Heavy-Duty Counterweight
All steel wraparound protects key engine and hydraulic components from damage while delivering excellent stability .

Boom Cylinder Protection
Top mounted boom cylinder and hydraulic lines are routed through the boom and arm delivering exceptional protection from job site hazards.

All Steel Construction
Greater strength and protection on the TB320 with all steel construction

Protective Structure
ROPS / TOPS  / OPG compliant cab and canopy  with integrated roof lift points

Triple Flange Track Rollers
Improve track life by providing greater support of the track system,  maintaining multiple contact points during operation reducing the risk of de-tracking.

hydraulic flow rate

Hydraulic Hose Protection
Exposed ground level hydraulic hoses  are spiral steel wrapped for maximum protection.

Comfort Operator Station
The TB320 operation station is well appointed with a fully adjustable  suspension seat ensuring maximum operator comfort throughout the workday.

Multi Function Monitor
A multifunction color monitor allows the operator to view machine vitals and performance levels as they work.

Ergonomic Controls
Pilot controls are low effort and precise.

Smooth Operation
Cushioned boom and swing cylinders combined with pilot controls help reduce shock and vibration adding to smoother operation.

Excellent Foot Room
A spacious, open floor area provides more foot space and makes it easier to enter and exit the machine.

Onboard Power 
External 12 volt power socket with additional roof socket on cab option.


Maximum Service Access
Wide opening engine hood and multiple access panels provide excellent access to daily maintenance and inspection points.

Lockable Fuel Fill
Lockable fuel fill is convenient and secure. A remote gauge is also provided for assistance when refueling. The system also uses a self bleeding system to provide easier restarts if the machine is run out of fuel.

Easy Servicing
Grease filled easy service track adjusters. Lockable grease gun storage. Battery and electrical components under the seat

One – Two Way Hydraulics
Accessible 1-way and 2-way flow valve is accessed at the front of the machine for convenience.

dozer blade getting extended for wider blade

Easy Adjust Dozer Width
A simple pin device, to match the TB320’s extendable track width.

High Capacity Cooling System
Combined heavy duty radiator and hydraulic cooler for optimum cooling.