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TB225 Compact Excavator | 2.5 Tonne

The TB225 compact mini excavator is a legally towable 2.5 tonne alternative when using a typical 3.5 tonne trailer. Available as a cab or canopy option operators get a powerful operating output.

Product Details


Cab or Canopy (ROPS / TOPS / OPG)
Large Wrap Around Counterweight
Large Interactive Multi-Information Colour Display
Fully Adjustable Deluxe HighBack Suspension Seat
Adjustable Arm Rests and Drinks Holder
In-Cab- Skylight
In Cab MW-FM/ MP3 Radio/ USB/Bluetooth
In-Cab Multi-vent Heater / De-mister
Cab with Lift-assist Front Window with Easy Remove and Stow Lower Front Glass.
Cab Mirror - Internal Rear View
Lockabe Grease Gun & Tool Bag Storage
Folding Foot Rest and Foot Controlled Offset
Sealed Rocker Switches
Internal / External Ancillary Power Sockets - 12V
Switched Beacon Power Socket - 12V
Battery Isolator Switch
Hand Dial Electronic Throttle Control
Travel Alarm / Horn
Boom and Roof LED Workzone Lights
TSS (Takeuchi Security System Immobilizer) 
TFM (Takeuchi Fleet Management) - Optional
Stage V Ready < 19kW - Low Emission
Mechanical Fuel Injection
Automatic Fuel Priming System
Automatic Engine Idle Feature
Automatic Cold Start Device
Automatic Fuel Bleed System
Dual Fuel Filtration with Water Trap
Dual Element Air Filters
Engine Safe Start System
Large Cooling System capacity 
Service Interval - 250 hours
Hydraulic Pilot Controls with Pilot Accumulator
Cushioned Boom and Swing Cylinders
Main Boom Cylinder Guard
Automatic Slew Brake
Boom and Arm Holding Check Valves
Lift Overload Alarm
Auxiliary Flow Adjustable via VDU
Multiple Attachment Presets
3rd Aux Pre-piped with Hitch Pipework, 2nd Aux Optional
Proportional Auxiliary Controls with Detent
Primary Auxiliary Circuit with Auto Tank
Switched 1/2-Way Aux Flow
Auxiliary Hydraulics with Independent Isolation Valves
Clustered Hydraulic Test Points
High Capacity Hydraulic Tank with Fluid Level Sight Gauge
High Capacity Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Hydraulically Retractable Width (1100-1500mm)
Load Sensing Two Speed Travel with Automatic Shift
Easy to Maintain Triple Flange Track Rollers with Sealed Bearings
Easy Tension Grease Filled Track Adjusters
Tool-free Adjustable Width Dozer Blade with Pin-on Extensions
Secure-sure Anchor Points


ModelYanmar / 3TNV82A
Rated Output (kW)/RPM16.5 kW / 2,200 min
Maximum Torque (Nm)84.1
Displacement (cc)1330
Electrical System12v 40 amp
Operating Weight inclusive of bucket and fuel: Cab/Canopy (kg)2376/2241
Overall Length (mm)4375
Width (mm)1100 extending to 1500 with Ext tracks 
Height Cab/Canopy (mm)2430 / 2355
Dozer Blade (W x H) (mm)1100-1550 x 300
Ground Clearance (mm)190
Min Front Swing Radius (mm)1485
Slew Radius (mm)1240
Main System Pressure (bar)210
Pump TypeVariable x 2 + Gear x 2
1st Aux Max Flow (l/min)38
1st Aux Max Pressure (bar)210
2nd Aux Max Flow (l/min)13
2nd Aux Flow Pressure (bar)196
Standard Aux 1st & 3rd
Optional Aux 2nd, & 4th
3rd Aux Used for Hitch
Slew Speed (rpm)9.7
Slew MotorConstant Volume Piston Motor
Slew BrakeWet Friction Plate
Traction MotorAxial Piston
Traction DrivePlanetary
Traction BrakeDisc
Track Width (mm)250
Ground Contact Length (mm)1415
Ground Pressure (kpa)30.4 Cab 28.7 Canopy
Maximum Gradeability30°
Hydraulic System (l)36
Fuel Tank (l)30.5
Engine Lubrication (l)3.6
Cooling System (l)4.3
Noise Level Sound Power Level (LwA) 93 dB
Vibration Hand Arm / Body  m/sec²≤2.5 / ≤0.5
Hydraulic Breaker
*(Suitable for limited usage)
HitchHydraulic Quick Hitch.

Operating Dimensions

Max Digging Depth (mm)2580
Max Dump Height (mm)2875
Max Reach at Ground Level (mm)4250
Max Vertical Digging Depth (mm)2100
Max Bucket Digging Force (kN)19.3
Max Arm Digging Force (kN)12.8
Travel Speed (km/h)2.5-4.2
Operating Weight inclusive of bucket and fuel: Cab/Canopy (kg)2376/2241
Overall Length (mm)4375
Width with ext tracks  (mm)1100 - 1500
Height Cab/Canopy (mm)2430/2355
Ground Clearance (mm)190
Dozer Blade (W x H) (mm)1100-1550 x 300
Min Front Swing Radius (mm)1485
Tail Swing Radius (mm)1240
Boom Swing Angle (L/R)75°/55°

Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM)

TFM is installed on all Takeuchi machines above 4-tonnes, TFM is optional on machines under 4-tonnes.

TFM is a remote Telematics monitoring tool that utilises machine data to better manage your fleet, and to keep costs down by being alerted to machine performance and health.

TFM remotely connects users to their Takeuchi equipment by providing alerts and machine information including location, utilisation, performance, and maintenance data to give insights into where and how equipment is being operated.

Takeuchi is providing TFM free of charge during the initial warranty period. For continued Telematics support for your Takeuchi machines, customers can extend the TFM cover via the local Takeuchi dealership.

Download TFM UK Brochure (PDF)

TSS - Takeuchi Security System

Takeuchi security system as standard.

  • Only programmed keys for start-up
  • Un-programmed keys alert operator via VDU and alarm
  • Includes 1 red master and 3 black user keys (programme up to 13 user keys)

Trust in Takeuchi for…

Safe Trailer Towing
The TB225 legally meets the UK’s towing regulations with secure tie down points and room on the trailer for attachments.

Automatic Step Down
Travel Motors
Provide for added torque on demand when pushing, climbing, or turning in high speed mode.

Hitch Prepiped as Standard
The TB225 is now available with hitch pre-piped as standard. Auxiliary isolation valves for easier attachment installation.

Hi-Spec Auto Functions
The TB225 offers auto idle, auto detent, auto tank and jog-dial throttle –  all features only usually found on larger models.

Power Performance
The TB225 engine output is Stage V ready and has the output power close to a   3-tonne model 16.5kW.

Retractable Track Frame
From 1,100 to 1,500 mm for excellent working stability. With independent  track expander and blade control levers.

Cab and Canopy
Provides the operator with safest protective structure, safe and comfortable on any job site.

Strong Track Frame
Maintenance free triple flange sealed bearing rollers. Easy adjust grease filled track tensioning expanders improve track retention.

Heavy Duty Counterweight
Offers wrap around protection, protects key engine and hydraulic components and contributes to the excellent stability.

Safe to Transport
With 4 dedicated tie-down anchor points the safest possible transporting is assured. Built-in dedicated lift points for a safe 3-point-lift.

Secure and Safe on Site
Boom and arm holding valves complimented with overload lifting alarm and crane switch.

Heavy Duty Blade
Long dozer blade and large blade cylinder for added strength. Comes with quick change locking pin to adjust the width to match expanded tracks.

Maximum Comfort
Fully adjustable suspension seat with back rest and weight adjustment, adjustable arm rest and retractable seatbelt.

Maximum Visibility LED
Full LED workzone lighting provides safe operating environment on a TB225.

Operator Amenities
Cab model with Bluetooth, MP3 and heater. Canopy with a lockable toolbox behind the seat.

Roomy Cab and Canopy
Excellent foot room on both cab and canopy, complete with foot rests and foot operated offset control.

Attachment Functionality
Preset and adjustable  auxiliary flows from the comfort of the operator seat via the illuminated colour VDU.

Pilot Operated Joystick Controls – deliver precise responsive controls, helping reduce operator fatigue.

Rear Engine Hood
Clustered service points include: double element air cleaner, pilot line and fuel filters, pump group test points and coolant expansion tank.

Right Access Panel
Access to the battery, fuel fill and hydraulic tank alongside the battery isolation switch and grease gun storage point.

Lockable Fuel Fill
Convenient and secure. A remote gauge assists when refuelling and a self-bleed fuel system for easy restart if the machine runs out of fuel.

 On-Board Power
Cab beacon socket on rear pillar and ancillary 12V power socket positioned at the cab/canopy front.

Easy Servicing
The robust undercarriage is very easy to maintain, the extending track-frame is easy to service with replaceable wear parts.

Track Maintenance
Very easy track maintenance with grease filled service track adjusters.