Suitable for 1.3 - 2.7 tonne excavators including
Takeuchi TB016 / TB216/ TB215R / TB219 / TB225 /TB23R

Slimline hydraulic breaker ideal for trench work - 
lightweight breaking out, with excellent power to weight ratio. With a body width of just 185m the
TKB-72 gets into narrow trenches easily.

  • 81kg breaker body weight
  • 105kg working weight 
  • 1.3-2.7 tonne carrier weight
  • 120-140 bar operating pressure 
  • 20-40 l/min oil flow range
  • 42mm tool diametre
  • 1600-2600 bpm impact rate
  • Lightweight breaking out, zero-one breakers are more durable, more serviceable and more easy to maintain than accumulator designed hydraulic breakers
  • Highest possible blow energy for maximum impact
  • Strong internal bracing structure sandwiches the front and rear heads firmly and securely
  • Maximum in-trench visibility for operators - narrow body width gets the TKB-72 into the smallest utilities trenches 
  • The breaker body consists of far fewer integral components
  • Easy attach pivot head
  • Heavy piston design  increased blow frequency and breakout performance