TB370    new 3-series 7-tonne excavator

The TB370 combines all the proven characteristics of Takeuchi excavators - smooth hydraulics, powerful machine performance and good serviceability into a larger sized excavator. 

The TB370 meets the growing demand for a compact Takeuchi operating in the 7 tonne weight class, with Stage V compliant engine .


The TB370 meets all the very latest low emission standards with a low noise Stage V compliant engine.The TB370 turbo charged engine combined with the Kawasaki hydraulic pump gives excellent efficiency and precise feel to the operator.

The new TB370 offers massive breakout force of 48.4kN for a 7-tonne excavator and maximum operating parameters: ground level reach of 6565mm, digging depth of 4085mm and dump height 4545mm

The TB370 is a top of the range high specification excavator - built for discerning operators and high quality plant hire. 



The new TB370 7-tonne excavator features a tilt-up cab providing unrivalled maximum service access to the control valves, hydraulic pipework and rear engine components. 

With easy access to all parts under the  styled engine hood and gull wing side cover, plant fitters and engineers get unparalleled access to engine and hydraulic components. Easier machine maintenance, all accessible at ground level. 500 hour engine service intervals.

Hydraulic and fuel site gauges are easily visible and the hydraulic 
changeover valve is easily accessible. 

Compactly stored away is the easy retractable electric 
refuelling pump, with auto shut off and suction filter for added safety when refuelling.

Takeuchi TB370 - Fully Hydraulic Compact Excavator 7.0 tonne

  • 7042kg operating weight with option for 2-piece boom 7900kg
  • 4085 mm dig depth
  • 42 kW engine
  • Rubber or steel track options available
  • Two speed travel
  • Variable flow hydraulics
  • TOPS/FOPS cab
  • LED lights as standard x 8
  • Factory fitted hydraulic hitch pipework as standard
  • Secure-sure anchor points x 4 for safe transporting

Takeuchi’s New 7.0 tonne Excavator - brings powerful excavating and breakout force in a very compact machine size - bucket breakout force 48.4kN.

The TB370 features significantly more bucket and boom arm breakout force  The standard long arm provides a ground level reach of 6565mm and digging depth of 4085mm, alongside dump height of 4545mm and vertical dig depth 3815mm


The TB370 has a large, cab with increased operator functionality and all-round visibility with ROPS/FOPS that gives the operator maximum safety.

The large adjustable heated high back air-suspension seat provides maximum comfort for a whole day’s shift.  
The tool-free adjustable arm and elbow rests cater for different operating positions. The cab has plenty of foot room and an extended foot pedal gives operators added control. 

Maximum comfort comes with air-con and climate 
control, retractable front window, removable lower glass (with in-cab stow facility), a large skylight with sunshade and rain-guard.
The TB370 features the latest automotive styled Jog-Dial, for easier ergonomic control. 
The touch screen 8” interactive colour visual display unit rotates for operator preference and illuminates all active operating switch functions including: lift overload, power altitude, auto idle, auxiliary detection and the rear-view HD camera.


The compact TB370 features a shorter than average tail swing compared to conventional 7-tonne excavators. Just 1480mm tail swing and only 455mm overhang at 90 degrees to the tracks, combined with rounded corners and enhanced visibility helps minimize potential machine damage in restricted areas.


The new TB370 features a heavy-duty dozer blade, 430mm high with float facility as standard for ease of grading.
The two-speed tracking automatically steps down when dozing.
The dozer blade cylinder is well protected.

 with TSS - Takeuchi Security System as standard 

  • only programmed keys for start-up
  • none programmed keys alert operators
  • standard includes 1 red master and 3 black user keys (can programme up to 13 user keys)


Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) is designed to help you better manage your fleet and lower your overall operating costs. 
With TFM monitoring you can check the health of your equipment and prevent costly repairs by keeping track of alerts, hours and much more.

MINIMISE DOWNTIME - proactive monitoring increases machine health, reduces risk and keeps machines running.
REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS - reduce service trips by remotely capturing run hours and equipment data.
UTILISATION TRACKING - make decisions based on actual machine use.
PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE - schedule maintenance based on machine hours; saving time, parts and money.


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tb370 Specification

Standard UK Specification Long Dipper 
Rubber Tracks
Available with 2 piece boom


Model V2607-CR-TE5B
Rated Output (kW)/RPM 42.4/2000
Maximum Torque (Nm) 213.4
Cylinders 4
Displacement (cc) 2615
Electrical System 12volt / 90amp


Mono Boom Machine weight kg 7042
2 Piece Boom Machine weight kg  7900
Length (Transporting) (mm) 5950(5900)
Width (mm) 2100
Height (mm) 2580
Ground Clearance (mm) 335
Dozer Blade (W x H) (mm) 2300 x 430

swing system

Min Front Offset Swing (mm) 2585
Tail Swing (mm) 1480

Operating Information

Max Digging Depth (mm) 4085
Max Dump Height (mm) 4545
Max Reach at Ground Level (mm) 6565
Max Vertical Digging Depth (mm) 3815
Max Bucket Digging Force (kN) 48.4
Max Arm Digging Force (kN) 29.4

Hydraulic System

Main System  Pressure (bar) 245
Pump Type Kawasaki Variable x 2 + Gear x 2
Std 1st Aux Max
Flow (l/min)/ Pressure(bar)

Std 2nd Aux Max
Flow (l/min) / Pressure(bar)

46 / 
 Standard 3rd Aux - Hardlock
Option Factory Fitted 4th Auxiliary

Swing System

Boom Swing Angle (L/R) 79° / 51°
Slew Speed (rpm) 8.8
Slew Motor Constant Volume Piston
Slew Brake Wet Friction Plate


Traction Motor Axial Piston
Traction Drive Planetary
Traction Brake Wet Friction Plate
Track Width (mm) 400
Ground Contact Length (mm) 2050
Ground Pressure (kpa) 37/39
Travel Speed (K/ph) 2.5-4.7
Maximum Gradeability 30°


Hydraulic System (l) 139
Fuel Tank (l) 110
Engine Lubrication (l) 9
Cooling System (l) 11


OPTIONS; • Steel Tracks 400mm, • 2-Piece Boom
• Hydraulic Breaker TKB402-S